The History Of Our Podcast
by Mike Fernino
When I was a kid I would pretend I was on radio. It was a ton of fun to talk into a mic and record myself making announcements and playing my favorite songs. During my college days I did get onto a few radio stations, but eventually it would be the mobile DJ career that would get my full commitment. 
But, fast forward to the 2007 and podcasts starting popping up with some specific programs for the DJ industry. I was fascinated my Mark Ferrell’s DJARadio and wanted to have a program as part of his format. With my brother Steve Fernino as producer and Co-Host Rob Peters we set out to record a few demo programs. 
At that same time Ryan Burger of ProDJ had just purchased Mobile Beat and was holding their annual show in Las Vegas. We saw this as a huge opportunity to record some episodes and so we set up in our hotel room and started interviews with the movers and shakers of the DJ industry.
We even got a commitment from the featured artist of the show, Chubby Checker to record a interview with us. 
And so, we had a pile of material but no where to post it. DJRadio closed up shop along with Mobile Beat Radio, which was attempting to be a live DJ radio program 24/7. Both formats were simply too ahead of their time to be financially viable. 
I received a call from Ryan Burger who said he was shutting down MB Radio and that our podcast would take over it’s place. And with that and the power of Mobile Beat behind us we went on to record about 100 episodes over 4 years. Many live interviews from shows and some very memorable recordings with the likes of Freedom Williams, Coolio, Warrant, DJ KOOL, Jay Conrad Levinson & DJ Skribble!  
Unfortunately in 2011 Steve left the program soon to be followed by Rob and so Mike continued on for a few more shows only to hang it up in 2014.
But during the 2020 pandemic the suffering and destruction of our industry compelled and inspired Mike to re-start the program with all new fresh material with a message of hope just right for the times. And now, there’s no end in sight. For now at least. 
Please enjoy this podcast made exclusively for DJs. You will laugh, cry, learn and grow.
That’s the essence of DJ Idea Sharing! Enjoy…….
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