EV Releases NEW Wireless 12″ Speaker

Independence for the mobile DJ just took another step forward today with the announcement of EV’s newest member to the Everse family! The Everse 12!

The EVERSE series from Electro-Voice is driven by a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier and DSP module developed in collaboration with the world-class audio electronics engineering team at Dynacord. Pro features include a built in four-channel digital mixer with studio-quality effects and processing, 48 V phantom power, feedback suppression and audio ducking. Between the EV and the D badges, you get the best of both worlds.

The user gets Electro-Voice sound quality and reliability in a battery-powered format that makes sense for a wide range of indoor/ outdoor gigs. Premium features include a titanium dome compression driver, up to 12 hours of run time, true stereo streaming, power for mobile devices and a wireless microphone system, and much more. Great sound to grab and go.

The launch of EVERSE 8 saw Electro-Voice set a bold new benchmark for battery-powered portable speakers by bringing real pro-audio performance into play, and the EVERSE name quickly rose through the ranks to represent the gold standard in the segment.

Now EV has raised its game once again with EVERSE 12, a larger and louder 12” two-way option for users looking for bigger sound – along with the best-in-class battery performance and wireless-friendly features that made its 8” counterpart such a success. While powered by the same level of wattage as the 8″ (400) the 12″ can deliver low end frequency down to 45hz and reaching a decibel level of 126.

A very interesting fact regarding the battery is that the 12″ woofer runs more effeciently vs the 8″ so battery life is increased! Clearly Electro-Voice has raised the bar yet again!

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