Your controller is not working…..Where’s the backup?

DJ equipment are the tools that we use to perform our events. Playing digital music files these days requires an intermediate device to process the music sources. In many cases, the music sources are incorporated into the control system making All-In-One pieces very popular. As convenient as it is to plop down one single piece of gear onto a table and port the signal out to your speakers what happens if something goes wrong with your controller? What if you can’t get it to work? What is your backup? You do have a backup controller, right?

Well, that brings me to a very disturbing post I saw the other evening here at DJ Idea Sharing on Facebook. I was setting up for a event and after changing my clothes had about 30 minutes of chill time before starting music. I checked out the posts at DJ Idea Sharing and there was a urgent call to action from one of our members for help! Turns out that he could not get his controller to get power. Seems like a classic case of the transformer going down and this would be the most terrible time for it to do so. It was only a hour or less before a wedding and this DJ had a controller that would not power up.

I responded and the first thing that I mentioned was, “Can you just go to the backup system and worry about this later?” To which he responded the words that send chills down my spine! “I don’t have any backup!”

As our members always do in this group dozens of good samaritan DJs responded to try and help out the DJ, who had to be in panic mode at that point? I can tell you I felt sick in my stomach for him. I don’t know the full story of how this all played out but from what I was able to see he had someone driving out with a replacement. Hopefully, this did not impact the wedding and no one noticed.

So now let’s get right to my main point here! You MUST always have a backup if you are going to accept mobile events!!! If you are at a club and there is system failure, that is on the club owner. If you do radio and there is a problem, that is on the station. If you are a mobile provider and something goes down it is 100% your responsibility to make sure you have at least two of everything along with the answers if something goes wrong. In this case, the heart of your system…. the controller.

Back in the day, it might have been costly to carry two mixers and four turntables or CD decks. Today, it’s as easy as a Denon Prime GO! This compact controller has its own battery power and internal memory making it the perfect backup for ANY DJ! Heck, even if you lose power at an event if you have an EV Everse 8 and the Denon Prime Go you are still in business!!! And these are very affordable so there is no excuse whatsoever that you don’t have a backup.

Look, it’s not a question of if something goes down on you. It absolutely is a certainty of when something will go down on you! This post that I read from the other evening just galvanized this belief and I had to get on my soapbox for all to hear. HAVE A BACKUP! You will need it someday.

Tony Fernandez did a great review of the Denon Prime GO on our DJ Idea Sharing YouTube channel.

Check out the review here……


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