DJ Idea Sharing teams up with Chauvet DJ for content in 24

Chauvet DJ is a leader in lighting technology and a innovator in creative product design. Starting January 1, 2024 DJ Idea Sharing announces a partnership in bringing you exclusive content to our YouTube channel with the latest product information and demos. Our Chauvet specialist and certified nerd DJ, Brent Schmidt will be the content creator for our “Chauvet series” of lighting product demos. Brent has been a presenter at the Lighting Symposium and is a very respected lighting designer. His reviews will capture all of the amazing features of Chauvet products and will certainly put the content out for all to see.

In 2023 DJ Idea Sharing really upped our game on the DJIS YouTube channel bringing in Brendt Schmidt for lighting reviews along with Tony Fernandez on the audio product side. The DJ Idea Sharing YouTube channel can be accessed as part of our website.



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