Roll & Run Folding 8in1 Multi-Cart * A DJs Best Friend

OK, you may be thinking right about now….. “another multi-cart? Aren’t there plenty out on the market?”  And you would be correct thinking that way, but wrong in your assumption that this is like the others. NOPE!

Welcome to the new Roll & Run Folding 8in1 Multi-Cart Rolling Utility Dolly Height Adjustable Rolling Hand Truck. Phew, that’s alot for one breath! But this cart is all of those things all rolled up in a solid tool that will make your job much easier. Presented by ProX this cart will elevate your load in experience and simplify the process of which most of us dread. Move in and move out has always been a difficult task for any working DJ, Band member or Photo Booth provider. The Roll & Run will change that.

With its ingenious 8 in 1 adaptive design the Roll & Run simply converts into the right tool for the job. Whether in standard length or totally opened out for large loads it has the strength and solid design to hold true and carry the substantial weight. Up to 330 lbs!  The tires tread technology will easily get you over grass, gravel or uneven surfaces.  They just go and that can be the difference maker whether you are starting on-time or running late!

Having worked with this cart for the last 3 weeks in preparation for this review I can tell you I didn’t expect the cart to be this solid, this smooth or this capable. I loved it so much I decided not to return the demo unit and instead purchased it from Music Trends. Speaking of Music Trends, contact Joey Lites and ask him for the Roll & Run cart as featured at DJ Idea Sharing! Music Trends is located in Levittown NY. Call them at 516-540-4431 or go to


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