DJ Idea Sharing Creates Brand New Facebook Group

DJ Idea Sharing has long been known for our Facebook group of the same name. With almost 14,000 active members we have really made a impression on the DJ industry! In fact, on the very day that Facebook instituted the “Group Page” we signed up and invited about 1000 of our DJ friends to jump in. The group grew like gangbusters and in just a few years we had over 5000 members.

Today DJ Idea Sharing has evolved into a full media group featuring a blog, Podcast, Youtube channel and several fantastic Facebook groups. All accessible from our website, ( ) And now we are proud to open up our sixth Facebook group specifically for DJs to learn and grow from.

” This group might be our most important social media offering to date. All our other groups with teach you how, why and what but this new group can teach you how to save your life and be much healthier! ” ……. say Mike Fernino, Founder of DJ Idea Sharing

The brainchild of Nick James Hahn from Promo Only and Michael Walter of Elite Entertainment, the group is focused on our health as DJs and specifically encourages discussion directly related to our industry and all of the trial and tribulations that go along with it.

This group is like no other DJ group on Facebook and we encourage everyone to join and be active in sharing ideas!

Officially called DJ Health & Wellbeing Idea Sharing


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