Rachel Lynch opens new Facebook group

DJ Idea Sharing started in 2001 as a local gathering of DJs in the Connecticut region. Everyone was welcome and it became a gathering of minds all willing to share their thoughts and ideas on how to raise the level for everyone vs keeping private and feeling that every DJ was “the competition.”

It spread and grew like wildfire through a drought and in May of 2009, as soon as Facebook created the group feature DJ Idea Sharing became the very first facebook group for DJs. Since that time there have been hundreds of DJ groups created on Facebook. Some for equipment sales, some for set-up details and others just as a avenue to vent and complain. But there is no mistaking the success DJ Idea Sharing has achieved and the lasting imprint it has made on our industry! Certainly, DJIS was created to help DJs and raise the bar. It has done that and as the founder I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. I say “WE” because I have a team of moderators who have been able to keep a standard for this group and maintain a professional forum. I could NOT manage the group without them and sincerely thank all of the help they have provided!

Now, today (April 29, 2024) our friend Rachel Lynch has started a new DJ group called ” The DJ Help Desk. “ Rachel Lynch is quite the influencer as she has been posting video content of her events and generally spending a ton of her free time trying to help other DJs. She is a hard charger and someone with great passion and motivation for the industry with professionalism being paramount. Many of you may have seen Rachel as a industry representative for Max Designs and EV. She has earned the respect of the those brands and countless DJs alike.

So, it is very satisfying to see her take another step for the industry as she announces her new Facebook group. According to Rachel………

” This is a no BS group. My ultimate goal is to create an inclusive and transparent environment where everyone can openly share their thoughts, opinions, content, and recommendations. The mission is to offer a space where individuals feel encouraged to share their hard work and achievements. Moreover, it is also a platform where questions can be asked and knowledge can be shared. “


DJ Idea Sharing would encourage all of our members to consider joining as we grow and improve the industry together through group comradery and the sharing of ideas!

Mike Fernino * DJ Idea Sharing Founder

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