Announcing “The Beat Mix Clinic” – A ground breaking new DJ event!

Way back in the day DJs would take 2 different songs and start the new track as soon as the current track finished. Then with the invention of the mixer DJs would start a song as the current song was fading out. Hence, ” The Radio Fade” concept.  At some point a very creative DJ found a common tempo and blended the beats to match and eliminate the silence at the song conclusion. With time came learned tricks like dragging the record platter with your finger to slow down or twisting the spindle to speed up the song. And who was the genius that first took and grabbed the vinyl to rock it back and forth creating the “scratching” technique? 

Most estimates suggest that these tricks and skills originated back in the early 70’s but by some accounts this music manipulation might have even begun on tape back in the 60’s. No matter when it began we own a ton to the pioneers of Disc Jockey wizardry from the “old school.”

Now in our modern day digital world computers do many of the calculations for us with smart controllers offering a multitude of options to literally take a song apart and stitch it back together totally transformed. The digital revolution has made the entry point for young and aspiring DJs much easier than the veterans of the 70’s and 80’s had to deal with. BUT……….

” All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted. Not so coldly charted, it’s really just a question of your honesty….yeah your honesty! ” -Neal Peart

In other words, even with the technology many among us still don’t know how to use it. And still others only “scratch” the surface of everything possible. For most DJs the sophistication of their equipment far outweighs the capability of the end user. There have been very few classes, workshops and/or seminars that actually teach all of the disciplines and nuances of mixing, scratching, beat blending along with the new technologies of today like stems. Until NOW!!!!!

Announcing the very first ever DJ MIXING multi-day workshop that will take students from novice to knowledge in a comprehensive 2 day format. Hosted by NY legend DJ Frank Garcia, this event will be a game changer! Frank has offered beat mixing seminars for years at DJ Times ( Now DJX ) in Atlantic City and is the owner of Mainline Pro Sound & Video based in Queens New York. Frank has years of experience dating back to the 70s and has mastered the art of beat blending and mixing.

Here’s the concept: The Beat Mix Clinic will have a team of highly experienced master DJs who will bring the attendees through all of the disciplines including:

Counting Measures and Music Theory / Beat Blending / Music Key Identification / Scratching for Weddings / Advanced Trick Scratching / Stems / Music Editing / Using All The Features of Your Controller / Remixing / Product Demos / Guest Appearances and much more!!!!

The Beat Mix Clinic will take place on Tuesday March 25, 2025 & Wednesday March 26, 2025 in the New York City area. In the next month or two all of the presenters, location, hours and seating availability along with ticket prices will be announced. Stay tuned and save the date. Whether you are a newer DJ or a mix master there will be something for you to really up your performance!!!


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