The Jackery Had My Backery

Well, I have to say I am impressed. Very impressed! Let me tell you how the Jackery portable battery system saved a wedding for me this past weekend.


Ever get those last minute surprises from clients? I was doing a final detail session with my couple for the upcoming weekend and the bride indicated that she needed sound and music for their wedding ceremony, which would be held in a open field. And with no power. I suggested my generator but the bride rejected the idea as she didn’t want the noise. So, I told my clients that I would explore a battery option and see if I could get my hands on a unit I had heard great things about. I called up my friend Rachel Lynch and she was kind enough to let me borrow her Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station. Thankyou Rachel!!

Upon picking up the battery I noticed how small it was. Basically the size of a lunch box from my school days! I had several different options including AC power outlets, USB slots, DC outlet and even a flash light. It wasn’t heavy and had a very cool carry case.

So, onto the wedding ceremony. I set up in the open field. The Jackery 500 was more than enough power for my ceremony system which consisted of a Denon 3000, dual EV wireless microphone, line Microphone mixer and a Bose L1 Compact speaker. Everything ran perfectly as the ceremony ended up taking 30 minutes and at the conclusion I noticed that the battery system was still at 95%. Starting at a full charge of 100% of course.

We moved everything out of the field and made way into the main tent several blocks away. In the tent was my main system featuring 2 EV Evolve 50 speakers. A bit more robust than the Bose. But that wouldn’t matter because the tent was running on a generator, or would it? The 2 generators were farther back in the field and took care of powering the string lights, the photo booth, fans and of course my DJ system. All was going smooth until the power just cut and the generators both failed.

While the home owner was playing around with the generators I decided to just pull out the Jackery and plug in so music could get right back on and running. After watching them play with the generators for 15 minutes power was restored to the tent, but something made me hesitant to plug back in. I was now at 87% battery available  and felt like seeing what this portable power system could really do! So I stayed running off the Jackery and good thing too. During the bride and groom’s first dance the generator failed again. The second of what would end up being 7 failures throughout the 5 hour reception! If I didn’t have the Jackery Explorer 500 my music and power would have been interrupted on multiple occasions and really creating a mess for this event!

I decided that I would remain on battery power now for the entire reception and as of the last dance I was still at 39%, which blew my mind! This battery saved the day as far as I was concerned and what started out just as a ceremony power option turned into a crucial piece of equipment. As a direct result  it is obvious to me that I have to have one of these units moving forward.

Granted, let’s be clear. This battery system is not designed to run a 4 speaker system with 18″ subwoofers. It is because of the modern digital switching amplifier technology in the EV Evolve 50 that I was able to maintain battery life. BUT it still is remarkably impressive and why I will now bring a Jackery to every event I do, even at indoor facilities.

If you have been in this business as long as me I’m sure you had a event or two that went dark due to storms and loss of power. You feel totally helpless and so bad for your clients. We now have the ability to be independent and prepared so just like having a backup computer, speakers or hard drive as a essential piece of your tool box I say the Jackery Explorer 500 should be added to that list!

The Jackery had my back!


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