Battery Powered Speakers * Wait a Minute!!!

Ok, the brand new battery powered speaker from EV is all the range this week at DJ Idea Sharing. DJs are losing their minds over the concept of REAL QUALITY sound without having to plug in to a wall outlet. Obviously, this is really hot for the outdoor ceremony market and should make our lives much easier! BUT WAIT……..

Is a specific battery speaker the right choice for a remote location or would you prefer independence to use whatever your regular speaker and sound system is? All run off a powerful remote battery system? Ahhhh, now we are all confused!

In this article I intend to explore the Jackery Explorer 500W portable power station. According to the reports I have heard this unit can easily handle my normal ceremony rig with ease for HOURS and HOURS! Here are some statistics to consider:

  • 500 watts output
  • 518Wh(24Ah) lithium battery
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets
  • 12V carport and 3″ USB ports

And with a price point under $500 this is a great choice. Heck, after your DJ event go out camping and you are all set! Plus, this has got to be a great option for a power loss situation? You might want to carry it with you to every event you do, just in case? I did once have a wedding where we lost power and I had a battery backup option. We literally saved the day. I couldn’t run my subs and had to operate just one speaker but we had sound and dancing. In the dark 🙂

For the record, It is important for me to state that I’m not throwing cold water on the new EV Everse 8. It’s a brilliant piece of technology and an amazing sounding package for the size and weight. I just would prefer to use my EV Evolve 30M for a ceremony which I feel is a superior option. I’m still a loyal EV fan and product user, but I choose to get my battery from a different source. 

No matter what your choice is the days of 250 foot extension cords are over. I can bring out my dedicated ceremony rig with multiple microphone options and a Denon 3000 mixer along with my computer and be happy as heck. And then again,  I might just purchase a Everse 8 for the easiest bluetooth cocktail hour EVER! Imagine the possibilities?  Think of the tunes I can crank out on the beach next summer? 

Bottom line, Electro Voice has made the job of being a DJ /  sound engineer much easier. ( I never said EASY) It’s like we have been given a huge break.

Check out the latest chat about the Jackery and/or EV Everse 8  at our Facebook home for DJ Idea Sharing.


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