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DJ Idea Sharing has been a big part of the facebook community for well over a decade. But the whole movement is so much more than facebook. If you want to read about the history of DJ Idea Sharing the story can be found right on the home page of our website.  But rather than discuss where we have been let’s chat about where we plan to go? Announcing the future plans for DJ Idea Sharing……

Let’s begin with the new website. has been established to be the hub for all of the DJIS channels. For example, many of you don’t know we have a YouTube channel. Many more don’t know about our podcast and even more don’t know about our multiple facebook groups. This website is meant to provide easy access to all of our world, made special for DJs. Let’s explore everything that DJ Idea Sharing has to offer:

  • DJIS YouTube channel – The youtube channel has been around for years and contains over 100 videos to date. Many of the videos are from DJ conventions and expos giving the viewer a good look at what these events are all about. Moving forward we plan to UP the content live from many prominent DJ events, shows and expos. Follow the page and hit the bell for notifications on new content.
  • The DJ Idea Sharing Podcast Network – hosted by DJIS founder Mike Fernino the episodes are diverse, informative and entertaining specifically for the DJ industry. The reincarnated series came back during the 2020 pandemic and now features dozens and dozens of recordings with prominent DJs and industry movers and shakers. Subscribe to catch each program as they come out. All access is available right on the website. 
  • The DJIS blog – This is what you are reading now and will be all over the board with topics that affect ALL DJs and what we do for our living. The topics will touch on everything “DJ related” and will always be a very interesting read. All compositions can be accessed right here at
  • Facebook – Probably the best known division of DJ Idea Sharing, the DJIS facebook group was the very first DJ group on facebook and is one of the largest and most influential.  But did you know there are multiple groups you can be a member of? 
  • The main DJIS facebook group has over 13,000 members. The group hits on everything and anything DJ related. Conversations are spirited and informative. Our main group is moderated by a group of over 35 mods to keep everything clean, professional and on-point. 
  • DJ Idea Sharing Classifieds is a fully moderated classifieds group. Helping our members buy, sell and trade all the toys of our industry. The big difference with our group is having moderators to make sure everything posted is legitimate to avoid fraud and non-DJ posts. Join today! 
  • DJ Idea Sharing Community Forum is our facebook cork board. The purpose of this group is to give members the opportunity to promote themselves like their podcasts, blogs, and events. Conventions, workshops and Expos can be promoted along with job requests and help wanted requests. The only thing to consider is that any conventional posts will be deleted as they belong in the main facebook group. 
  • Photo Booth Idea Sharing is exactly what it sounds to be. A Idea Sharing brand facebook group made just for the photo booth industry. 
  • The Lighting & Audio symposium. This group is the official facebook group for the annual symposium held in Minneapolis but it also acts as a specific facebook group for lighting and audio specific Q&A. You can ask some really knowledgeable pros your questions about sound gear and lighting.  Updates and information for the show are posted regularly.

So, there you go! That’s a ton of content and it’s all there for the working, newbie or semi-retired DJ. As far as where we are going with this new website? We now have a main portal that was needed to network the entire DJIS community together. Ultimately we want the website to become a go-to internet hub whenever a DJ wants to talk shop, sell gear, learn from others, investigate the latest equipment and find out about all of the upcoming shows and expos. A one-stop gateway that DJs can call home for ideas and sharing. That’s what it has been about from the very beginning. It’s just easier to access now.




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