The Return of Mobile Beat Magazine!

Back in the day a DJ would turn to a stack of Mobile Beat magazines on his/her desk to read articles, learn about new trends and see the latest tools of the trade. Fast forward to modern day and we have social media to do all of that. But is it the same? Well of course not. In my book the hand held print version is far superior. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned ( I prefer the term, Classic ) but there is nothing that compares to reading from a magazine that you hold in your hands and it doesn’t cause arthritis, restlessness or bad vision. Shout out to smart phones and tablets. 

Nope, for my money I will always take a magazine or book. It’s tangible and comforting. Add morning coffee and you have pure nirvana.  So, as you might imagine I have missed the good ol’ days of DJ magazines. But, fear not as there is hope! One of the most beloved DJ publications will make it’s proud return on Monday February 13, 2023. According to editor in chief Jason Walsh Mobile Beat magazine will be back to provide the DJ world with its own trade publication.

“It’s going to be the magazine of record for the mobile DJ industry,”  ……says Jason.

Printed in England in cooperation with Pro Mobile magazine for European DJs this American version will have 6 issues per year and boast a very solid lineup of established authors. Articles will cover every possible DJ related topic along with some of the classics like the Top 200, gear reviews, shout outs and featured DJ of the month. 

Subscriptions are now available and according to Jason Walsh you can use the discount code “DJIS” and receive $10. off!  Regular or Pro subscriptions.


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