Serato vs Virtual DJ * Who Cares?…. DJs

As I have managed the DJ Idea Sharing Facebook group for over a decade I have been witness to several recycling topics. MAC vs PC, EV vs JBL, Facade or NO Facade and of course…….. Virtual DJ vs Serato. The arguments and debates rage on and yet it is a conversation only a DJ would care about. 

Today I saw a heated thread about the 2 competing software platforms and thought to myself, “wow, if DJs cared this much about their performance, vocal and mixing skills and professionalism they would be doing pretty good.”  Instead, dozens and dozens  mocked the others who didn’t use the same software they did as to almost validate their own decisions as the “correct choice.”

I promise you, when you pull up to a wedding, set up, crank up the music and get on the microphone the bride does NOT care what your software of choice is. The only thing she cares about is that she wants to dance and celebrate the biggest day of her life with her partner, friends and family. The software provides one service to you and that is to offer integration of music files to the hands on function of your controller. 

Caution: Controversial statement guaranteed to ruffle feathers……. The client doesn’t care about the tricks, the mixing, the ease of functionality or special effects. DJs care, not the client. Don’t get me wrong! Being a skilled DJ with the ability to beat mix, scratch, sample and be a creative artist takes talent and can bring your performance to the next level, but in the end your client just wants the music to play. Play well and not stop until the end of your contract. 

What you chose to work on is ultimately your choice. Go with what works best for you without fear of ridicule or peer pressure. Rather, take the energy other DJs use to argue and go do something productive like practice your craft. What a radicle idea? 

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