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I have always been a big believer in presentation. If you go to a fancy restaurant you expect the food to be presented in a extra special way. Good presentation is often associated with excellence, so why wouldn’t a professional DJ not want to create a superior first impression? 

For many years the DJ presentation standard was to set up behind a facade. Some table top, others full wrap around. No matter how presented the DJ facade was designed to hide your gear. Sometimes even the DJ. Many would argue that a facade created a disconnect between the performer and his/her audience. Enter Max Design.

Danny Max was doing a very good business as a design company creating custom photo booth enclosures using light weight materials and incorporating lighting for that extra flair. But at some point Danny got the itch to create a DJ table allowing the operator a quick and simple set up, and at the same time offering a sleek and contemporary design that turned the DJs workplace into a performance zone. 

This table is a game changer. The controller is flush mounted into the table top. The computer is smartly displayed with an elevated tray and the wireless microphones get cleverly mounted on a lower level. There’s even a cup holder! What’s more is that the entire system can be transported in the back of a car and set up in 10-15 minutes with minimal weight. 

I heard another DJ explain it this way. He stated, “The standard of DJ display is no longer just setting up on a table. Truly progressive DJs are pushing the envelope and table displays are the standard now. Every one else will get left behind and have a antiquated look.”

Earlier this year in April I personally got to set up one of the MAX Design DJ tables as part of the 2022 Lighting and Audio Symposium. Max Design shipped out a system for one of the show attendees to take home. That gave us the opportunity to set it up and I was blown away by the quality and simplicity of the unit. It looks incredible and yet is such a efficient display. Any DJ would be proud to represent their brand with this table. It’s a first class look! 

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