Imagine for just this moment having to run to a music store just to gather music for a event. Back in the day they called those places Record Shops. Now imagine sitting down with wedding clients and getting a list of music to be played at their event. Then imagine having to drive to the store, spend  15-45 minutes sorting through bins of records or CDs trying to locate the single or having to purchase a entire album. For those who don’t even know what an album is music artists used to record 8-12 songs and release it as a album and not just a single. Yes, things have truly changed in the music business over the years. But some things have not, and that’s the reliable service of Top Hits USA.

Let’s take a quick trip back so I can help you understand how important this service was for my growth as a professional DJ entertainer. Back in 1994 I made the trip down to Atlantic City for my very first ever DJ convention. The DJ Times Expo! When I entered the convention show floor for the first time I was simply awestruck by all of the DJ gear and accessories. This was all still very new for me and the industry. I began my career in 1984 and all through the 80’s there wasn’t really any support for the working DJ. Especially not music support. You had to painstakingly purchase each song needed at a store, unless you were a member of a record pool. Even then you didn’t have everything needed for a wedding or private function. 

One of the best contacts made from that DJ Expo was my introduction to the Top Hits USA booth at the show! I was blown away that one could literally get all the new music  needed on a few CDs each week or month. No more having to purchase 1 CD for $12.99 just to get 1 song needed! No more having to drive to multiple record / cd stores several times each week when everything came right to my door. This was a game changer in every way. Now, after 26 years with Top Hits I can say they still play a huge role in my business and my ability to obtain the music I need to service my clients! Not only do I have the radio friendly versions along with extended mixes and specialty series like Jazz and Club but I can download every track on their online music support page.

Top Hits USA (Radio Programming Management) is one of several groups in the United State that are 100% legal and authorized for the promotion of music to working DJs and entertainers. There are many illegal sources and I would never advocate getting music from them as it could turn around and bite you someday. Be a professional and patronize a professional service! Taking music from the internet, copying a hard drive from a friend or capturing music from YouTube with the intention of re-broadcast for compensation is illegal. Period! 

Top Hits is based in Michigan and can be found at