The DJ Idea Sharing Blog is honored to have a contribution from Mark Ferrell. Mark is well known for his MC and Love Story Workshops offered as the MarBecca Method. One of the classiest people I know Mark addresses the subject of manners and why this is important for the working professional DJ…….


Courtesy, decorum, manners, & protocol are among the civilized arts. Every society or culture on Earth possesses these. The opposite of “superficiality,” there is a depth of respect and understanding that is achieved through these arts. For this reason alone, seasoned travelers and diplomats learn these traditions so as to respect those they are visiting and to gain appreciation and mutual understanding.

Dressing appropriately is a part of this, and in some cultures, an extremely important part. Much thought and care goes into proper attire for important functions. The more important the function and/or people being honored, the more thought and care.

And just when I begin to think that it’s a “lost art,” a shining example will surface to restore my faith in humanity. The recent marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was one such occasion. There was an abundance of these civilized arts and the world loved it! As did I! Dress, protocol, ceremony, pomp, tradition — all there! 

Don’t believe for one second that this doesn’t apply to us. To do so is to be unaware of the potential we possess as professionals.

At Your Service, 
Mark Ferrell 
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