Maybe it is starting to sink in? What you see in the above photo may not happen for a while. I hope that is not the case. I also don’t claim to know a darn thing, nor am I an expert of any kind. But I do think if there is not a miracle early vaccine or a significant medical intervention we won’t see the return to night clubs in 2020.

With that said I wanted to address our brothers and sisters who are exclusive club DJs and make a living this way. Even additional income this way. Contact mobile DJ companies. Yes, you heard me. The private party and events industry can enter back into limited capacity operation before clubs and large scale gatherings. A night club holding 1000 will be looked at in a different category than a wedding of 100.

In order to get back and running there might be some new rules in the age of CoronaVirus. Such as a limit on a wedding or private event of 100 guests. Tables set a mandatory distance from each other and only 4 guests per table. Possibly masks required as well, which will be remarkably awkward but I can see some designer masks created for weddings in the cards. Someone will do it. This should allow weddings and private events to at least start getting back to the business of celebrations.

So, what is my point? You’re a DJ. You have skills! My advice is to start reaching out to mobile DJ companies who will be getting very busy as we enter into the second half of the year. Some companies will be taking the postponed weddings from Q2 and moving them to Q3 & Q4 along with 2021. That will create sold out dates and the need to expand a staff.

Maybe the mobile DJ world may not be your spice of life but it can help you pay some bills and keep your skills sharp until the return to normal life and the re-opening of clubs! I’m certain that a polished club DJ can be inserted right into a mobile company working with a MC and it would be a fairly small learning curve. For some club DJs they already have mobile experience. Just have a backup plan and be prepared.

You can’t count on the government and you can’t count on anyone except yourself. So make some calls. Prepare some resumes’ and be flexible. You might even find yourself tapping your foot along to the YMCA and Celebration………. NOT!!!

Be well and look out for yourself and the ones you love! And please socially distance so we can all be social once again!!