The 2020 Photo Booth Expo happened at the perfect time. 5000 people from all over the world attended the expo held in Las Vegas with little concern of COVID-19. It was a complete after-thought, and then when we returned home all hell broke loose. Little did we know how crazy life was about to get. And little did we know that the show would provide us our last taste of normalcy in 2020.

Well, with vaccines on the horizon we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. But with most people not being able to start getting the vaccine until April, February of 2021 just seems too aggressive. And who knows what will happen with other countries? The Photo Booth Expo is a international event and travel had to be taken into consideration.

Making this announcement was the founder of Photo Booth Expo, Rob Savickis. Here is his show announcement and statement:

“Back in September I was hoping that if schools re-started and if life was slowly getting back to normal we might still be able to pull off a Feb 2021 PBX, though it might not be as big as we were used to in the past. Unfortunately things for the time being have gone in the opposite direction and at the moment the covid situation not just in the United States, but also Canada and much of Europe is worse than it has ever been, with worst-case scenarios saying that by Christmas we could lose more people every day than we lost on 9/11 total, with the only real hope (other than wearing masks and continued or extended social distancing) being the emergence of what look like promising vaccines in 2021. In making this decision we also had to keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Our #1 concern must be the health and well-being of our participants. While in a viral sense nothing ever has been and never will be totally safe, with the recent huge spike in Nevada and across the US the prudent and responsible decision must be to postpone the show to a safer date.
  2. We are both humbled and very proud of the fact that we draw both attendees and exhibitors from across the world. Unfortunately with US borders closed with most countries in the world (including Canada where I live) a significant number of our participants would not be able to travel to Nevada no matter how much they wanted to.
  3. I have talked to a large number of the attendees and surveyed all the exhibitors in the last month and with very VERY FEW exceptions, pretty much everyone thought it was necessary for us to push the date of the show forward.
  4. Current restrictions on conventions in Nevada (10 percent capacity for venues that hold over 2500 people, no more than 250 people in any one room at any one time – and that is just the beginning) make it practically impossible to hold a convention of any size bigger than a tiny gathering – I am by no means saying these rules shouldn’t be there but I am saying that as long as they are there you just cannot hold a convention – plus if the situation gets worse (which at the moment it is) they could withdraw any permission they have already given to hold a severely limited convention – quite frankly in the light of too many intangibles caused by a virus and the restrictions imposed because of it you just cannot hold a convention in Nevada at this moment which is the same decision made by every other producer of a trade show of any size recently.
  5. Preparing for a trade show of this size requires considerable up-front commitments in time, energy, and resources (money) not just from us but more importantly vendors and sponsors and under the current circumstances it is very difficult to obtain these commitments. It is at the 3 month point before the show that we must decide whether the show needs to be postponed and we are now at that point. Keeping all of the above (and more) in mind and while we had been wishing and hoping for nothing more than to gather in person with you and the photo booth community this upcoming February, it is with great sadness that we must announce that since it is both legally and practically impossible to continue holding the show in February 2021, the show will be postponed to February 21-24 2022. If some real miracle occurs and events start to re-open next summer we may look at perhaps another PBX in the 3rd or 4thquarters of 2021 but just to stay on the conservative side and to not have to continue postponing the show if the miracle does not occur, we feel it is just safer to have the show at the next scheduled dates with South Point which is February 21-24 2022 and which had already been reserved back in 2019.By default all tickets already purchased for 2021 will be automatically transferred to 2022 so if you are sticking with us there is nothing required to do. For those sticking with us we are also offering 3 bonuses at no additional charge. (in addition to your ticket being transferred to the real show in Feb 2022)
  7. FREE ADMISSION to a virtual PBX that we will hold in February
  8. FREE ADMISSION to another virtual PBX that we will hold in autumn 2021. If you wish complimentary admission to PIVOT EXPO and have already purchased a ticket to PBX or any of our other shows such as MEX (Mobile Entertainment Expo) and are willing to stick with us through these hard times please email me at and I will put you on the comp list for all 3 shows. Past exhibitors are also invited to ask for comp tickets.”

Rob Savickis * Show Producer