It’s been over 10 years since Peter Merry graced the stage of a Mobile Beat Conference in Las Vegas. Peter has been touring the country for many years offering sensational key-note presentations and also headlining his own workshops such as “The Professional Process.” Known for his dynamic and thought-provoking seminars Peter will make every attendee question the level they hope to ascend and how to raise the bar for our entire DJ and Entertainer industry.

Here are Peter’s own words introducing his Mobile Beat Seminar for 2020!


In 2008, during my last talk on the MBLV (Mobile Beat – Las Vegas) main stage titled, “DJs Say The DARNDEST Things!”, I pointed out how badly our industry needs to set a high bar of achievement/service/performance in order to declare one’s self a true PROFESSIONAL.

But, sadly…when most DJs are asked to set a bar, they incorrectly assume it must be for the Limbo and their chosen mantra then becomes “How Low Can We Go And Still Call Ourselves Pro?”

On Thursday, March 19th, 2020…I will once again be presenting at Noon on the MBLV main stage and I will be doing my level best to set a high bar for understanding our value and how to most effectively communicate that value in a sales environment. Get your show pass now and don’t book your return flight departure until the evening of the 19th because…