“With extraordinary times comes the need for extraordinary planning, adaptation and anticipation.”

This is a very important message for single operator mobile DJs. I can see where this virus slowdown is headed for our businesses and our recovery. You need to get out ahead of the curve now in order to be ready for the postponement wave coming. 

Many, if not all events for March, April and May will postpone. (hopefully not cancel) All of those postponements are guarantee we will feel a financially devastating first half of the year and a extremely busy second half as clients move their events. Many to the fall season! And we all know there are only so many Saturdays in the calendar year.

If you are a solo provider it’s time to buddy up now and find some allies you can work with and arrange a working collaborative.

Let’s say you are booked for October 3rd and a client from April moves their event to October 3rd. You can either turn them away or maintain the business with another trusted associate. You might make less but you won’t have to turn away the business, or provide a refund during this economic mess. This may be a great time to check for Facebook groups of LOCAL wedding professionals to network and exchange work. If there are none why not consider starting one? You will be a hero! 

Set yourself up now as the wave of postponements is about to hit!!! You don’t have to become a multi-system operator but you certainly can operate like one and take care of your customers! 
“Here’s To Our Success!”

Mike Fernino * DJ Idea Sharing