Frank Garcia from Mainline Pro Lighting and Sound has been around the game for quite some time. His store in the heart of New York City might have the doors closed for the pandemic now but soon enough they will reopen and celebrate the DJ Culture.

The Culture is a concept that Frank came up with in his store. Over a dozen different DJ systems are set and ready for the best DJs to show their talent and go Livestream on Frank’s exclusive network. is a internet showcase for DJs to express their skills. Unfortunately, as we are currently in lockdown DJs can’t utilize the mix stations so Frank is hosting pre-made mixes on his network.

The livestream is also a method of charity. Recently Frank raised money for hunger in NYC by using the stream to solicit charity. This is a great service to the community and to DJs looking for a means to express their favorite mixes and make a difference in the process.

I’m proud to say that in honor of my 50th birthday I created a special mix and Frank hosted my stream. It’s called “50 Trips around the Sun” and it’s mix #85. I hope you will check it out!