DJs and Lighting have always gone hand in hand. Whether it was the early days where DJs would hoist up a mirror ball, spinning helicopters and police style beacons right up to modern day with LED programmable technology DJs have always used lighting as a enhancement to their performances. The only problem has been that DJs rarely operated their lighting to the full potential and capability.

Modern day LED color mixing, pixels and even video walls all work best when run via software manipulation. Too often, DJs would show up to a event and just flip some switches on the back panel of a fixture, or learn just the basics of programming. Thus, 90% the capabilities of that fixture were not being utilized. Lighting presentations were basic and thus the impressions and final product were muted.

That’s where the Lighting Symposium fills a much needed niche’ in the market of education. The ultimate goal is to turn DJs into actual lighting designers. To provide all the tools needed so the attendee is no longer is a “DJ who offers lighting” but rather a “lighting technician” who could bring a theatrical flair to their event and thus ultimately profit from it.

I’m not going in depth with this article about the lighting symposium but I will tell you it is a 2 day workshop hosted at EV’s world headquarters in Burnsville MN on a every-other year basis. The 50 or so lucky souls who attend are treated to a large and diverse level of education presented by multiple highly qualified experts in the field. It is 8 hours each day x 2 so brain cramp is usual. It might even be too much information but you never can have enough to learn and grow.

Topics cover the full spectrum of disciplines starting with the basics of DMX. The protocol which allows integration between the software and the lighting fixture. Speaking of software, there is a 4+ hour tutorial of Show X-press from Chauvet DJ. This software not only allows full control but also integration of music and video with lighting scenes you can build yourself. Allowing for a full theater style presentation at the click of a button.

Other topics which are popular and covered in depth are video mapping, projection, gobos and monograms, textured lighting / overlays and even marketing / sales. It’s truly a well rounded basket of education. The final goal is to send out that DJ with all the tools to create something amazing and bring their presentation to the next level. There is also the opportunity to now make money as a lighting designer totally independent from their DJ career. And who wouldn’t want more skills to grow your business?

In the end, after a symposium we know that we have taken 50 people who walked in with a open mind and gave them special tools to take and color their events so their clients become the ultimate beneficiary. In this market where seems over-populated by more and more DJs our attendees bring a distinct advantage to the market with a whole new potential of revenue stream to help their bottom line. So as is our motto, “we turn DJs into lighting designers!”

Mike Fernino – Co-Founder of The Lighting Symposium

Founder – DJ Idea Sharing