DJ Idea Sharing has taken a very strong stance on ethics and professionalism. As the original and largest place on Facebook for DJs we feel it is our responsibility to lead and NOT follow. Setting the standard for DJs to learn, build and grow in a professional forum.

One of the areas that we take a hard line stand with is music and how DJs obtain their music. The days of running down to the local record and cd store are forever gone. Now DJs use digital downloaded music files, but how DJs are collecting is quite disturbing. You see, music is art and it is created by an artist. That person or group deserves compensation as an artist for their time, effort and creativity. That compensation is known as a royalty.

Unfortunately, back in the day a little website came onto the internet and changed the world. It was called Napster and it opened up a new generation of DJs to obtaining an entire music library for nothing but their time. As compared to someone like me who entered the scene in the 80s and has paid hundreds of thousands for my music while collecting for decades. Today, it can be done in weeks for FREE!

Even though the RIAA and ASCAP have shut down many illegal sites, many more flourish and this has effectively ruined the music industry! So many artists lost money and the recording industry lost billions! Can you imagine all the great music we have missed out on as a result of this collapsing industry? And leading the way in music piracy are DJs who make compensation for their time and talent but would do everything they can to avoid paying for the music that is making them their money!

We will support legal music services here at DJ Idea Sharing and will NOT allow conversation about any illegal services. Those posts will be removed and if a user continues to promote the illegal service they will be removed as well.

We had the Director of Marketing from Promo Only, Nick James Hahn put together some thoughts of how to recognize a legal source vs not so legal. Please review below and be cognizant of our rules and policies here at DJIS. I hope everyone takes this serious and understands that music piracy is stealing. Pure and simple.

Thankyou, Mike Fernino * Founder of DJ Idea Sharing


At DJ Idea Sharing, we strive to maintain a professional and ethical environment for ideas, products, and business practices to be discussed. Over the past few years, bootleg music & music video pools masquerading as legitimate promotional vehicles for the record labels have become so commonplace, that most DJs entering the market (and even veterans) aren’t sure what is allowed. Below are are 4 signs that a music pool is not behaving with integrity. As such, any record pool that falls into any of the categories below for their regular subscribers will not be allowed to be mentioned or discussed in DJIS. Any pool who “fixes” the things below will be allowed back in the discussion of legitimate sources for content.

Signs your music pool is not licensed.
1. World Wide Distribution. Territory restrictions exists for EVERY major label and for the companies distributing their releases to include iTunes, Google, Amazon, etc… There are no exceptions at this time.
2. Back Catalog Audio Files. Songs released within the last few months are promotional. Everything before that is no longer considered as such by the labels. 
3. Bootlegs, Mashups and Unauthorized Remixes are not licensed by any labels. 
4. DMCA Disclaimer. Licensed sites do not need a DMCA disclaimer because they have already secured permissions or licensing for the songs posted.

Best Regards,
Nick James Hahn * Director of Marketing and Distribution
Promo Only, Inc. 257 South Lake Destiny Drive Orlando, FL 32810 Phone: 407-331-3600 Fax: 407-331-6400