I have been hearing this statement more and more lately. Being there is a lack of proper testing in our country and the clear fact the United States was ill-prepared for this pandemic we can only speculate. I write this blog as a thought provoking article and not a political statement.

Back in mid-January I developed a dry cough followed by 2 weeks of extreme respiratory and digestive issues and distress. I had a tightness in my chest, stomach problems and difficulty breathing. It became so bad that several nights I would wake up struggling for air. The feeling in my chest and stomach was like nothing I had experienced before in my life. And this is with a history of asthma and bronchitis. I have never smoked. 🙂

I never developed a fever, that I know of (never took my temperature) but I did feel tremendous pressure in my face and sinus. Every time I would bend over I felt like I would pass out. So, I went to the do a blood pressure test at a pharmacy test machine. The results were disturbing. Extremely high blood pressure and a diagnosis of hypertension to a degree that it said to immediately go to the hospital.

Rather than head to the hospital I went to the walk in. I explained to the doctors on duty that I had a history of high blood pressure over the last several years but never went on meds. I also explained that the tightness in my chest and dry cough seemed to be a regular recurring “winter thing” and that some steroids and antibiotic treatment should kick it out. I received the prescription along with high blood pressure meds and out I went.

In about 2 days I was already feeling better. This after about 2 weeks of feeling miserable. My breathing returned to normal, the tightness in my chest went away and the blood pressure came down to normal levels. Just in time because 2 weeks later I was to fly to the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas for the Photo Booth and DJ show. I had a big role to play and I wanted to feel my best.

Here’s where it gets scary…… I flew from Westchester NY airport, which only a few weeks after my trip to Vegas would become ground zero for CoronaVirus on the East coast. I then had a transfer in Atlanta. Only the busiest airport in the world. Arrived in Las Vegas and immediately headed to the Las Vegas Speedway for a NASCAR race along with 75,000 fans. Then enjoyed 4 days of conference with 4000 attendees. Shook a lot of hands.

The trip home was with a transfer in Chicago. Only the third busiest airport in the country. Once in Chicago my fears were confirmed. I had really stayed away from the news while in Las Vegas at the show. Apparently, the news was on fire with virus concerns and I saw face mask after face mask being worn by travelers. People had a nervous look on their faces and seemed on edge. It was then I realized that this wasn’t just another flu-season fear.

I landed back in Westchester NY. Again, this would become the epicenter of the crisis only 1 week later! My trip was complete and I had done everything that I would later learn was off limits in order to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Since the lockdown, I have felt great. Actually, I feel the best in a long while. I have done everything within the guidelines of my state mandated recommendations and not put myself or family in harms way. BUT, there was so much we didn’t know. So much we still don’t know. I have wondered if I already had the virus back in January and developed immunity, but things took a interesting turn today.

I received a call from one of my clients. His wedding will be in early September. I have encouraged my clients to simply call me to talk and discuss things. Many have. In fact, I’ve had some of the best conversations with my couples during this lockdown. Sharing philosophy, fears and anticipation for what the future holds. This gentleman shared with me that he really thinks he had COVID-19 back in January when he and his fiancée’ had met with me at my office to book me as their wedding DJ/MC.

He is in the health care industry and a front line worker who had direct contact with many patients who would later test positive for the virus. OK…. I’ve heard enough. As soon as the anti-body test is available in my area I’m taking it and can’t wait to confirm my deep suspicion about having had it myself.

How could I go through Westchester airport, Atlanta, hang out with 75,000 people in Vegas, shake hands for 4 days straight, transfer through Chicago and back into NY without ever getting this beast? Either I am just the luckiest dude on the planet or I was not so lucky back in January.

There is no opinion, no scientific fact for me to conclude with here. I wanted to share this experience with all of you so you might better understand the COVID-19 experience. As I mentioned several times previous, I have no way yet to assume I had the virus, just as much as I have no was to assume I didn’t have it. All I do know is as I type on this keyboard I feel excellent. Amen.

Keep safe, be healthy, and take care of the ones you love. Please practice social distance so we may all be social once again!