Your clients are aware of this situation so don’t wait for them to call you. CONTACT THEM! They are stressed, depressed and concerned. Chances are that by the time they contact you to postpone their event they will be even more stressed out by the pandemic emergency!

A call or email from you will go a long way at calming their fears and settling them down. Let them know you are willing to work with them on postponements and changes. Provide them comfort that you are in control and flexible. Trust me, it will go a long long way! I sent out e-mails to ALL of my March – June clients letting them know we are totally standing by them to help make the process easier and less stressful. 

I got back so many positive responses thanking me for my courtesy and that I made them feel better. I’ve also had many tremendously positive conversations where we laughed and shared our frustrations with the situation. But the key word is “shared”. 

I have even been asked by some of my clients as to MY AVAILABILITY and that they would plan their new date around me! Imagine that? And this is in large part because I simply gave a damn and let them know they were important.

Cash flow is so important so I also politely requested payments due for the original dates even though we were postponing. Many customers didn’t have a problem with the request as I explained it was essential to keep up and running properly. Just ask, it’s amazing what can happen.

So, get out ahead of your clients. Don’t wait for them to contact you with fear and concern. Reassure them and make them happy they booked you.

“Here’s to OUR success!” – Mike Fernino