DJ Idea Sharing has a long history back to 2001. In fact, April of 2021 will be 20 years since we held our very first DJ event. What began as a simple get-together of colleagues in Connecticut soon growing into a gathering of hundreds throughout the New England region. Instead of small restaurants our live events were being held in DJ stores like Electronic Bargains in Brockton Massachusetts and Sam Ash in New Haven Connecticut.

As DJ Idea Sharing grew so grew the opportunities and in 2005 Ryan Burger of Mobile Beat invited us to start our own chat forum as part of

Then, in 2006 Mark Ferrell created and launched DJA Radio, in conjunction with Disc Jockey America. It was the first of its kind podcast/internet audio stream for DJs. The channel was a paid network and featured some of the who’s who of the DJ industry as show hosts.

DJ Idea Sharing founder Mike Fernino along with his brother Steve Fernino and Rob Peters were inspired to possibly get a show on the network. Called, DJ Idea Sharing, of course. Together the group put together several demo episodes to submit to Mark Ferrell.

Simultaneously, Ryan Burger had launched his own internet radio channel in conjunction with Mobil Beat Magazine. The network was a bit different from DJARadio as it was steaming live vs pre-recorded shows for download. Mike, Steve and Rob prepared for both platforms with the hopes of getting a weekly show.

All of this was ground breaking but possibly a bit before its time as the podcasting format proved to not be fiscally viable. DJA Radio ceased operation at just about the time DJ Idea Sharing had created the demo shows. At the same time Ryan Burger made a call to Mike Fernino and dropped the news that he was giving up operation of Mobile Beat Radio and wanted DJ Idea Sharing to take over the show production.

So just like that the DJIS podcasts began and over the next few years more than 100 episodes were produced. From studio recordings to live recordings, at DJ conventions to guest interviews the podcast really captured a tremendous energy of the time. Celebrity interviews included Chubby Checker, DJ Kool, Freedom Williams, DJ Skibble, Coolio and the band Warrant.

Around 2010 podcast producer Steve Fernino decided to end his involvement and the show began to wind down. Production came to a end until in 2014 when Mike took many of the old shows and gave them a fresh re-visit. But new content really ended and the podcast was left as concluded.

Fast forward to 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Stuck with tons of free time and a burning desire to try and give back to the DJ community Mike wanted to attempt solo production and a revitalization of the podcast. But without equipment nothing could happen. It was the incredible generosity of Ben Stowe of that allowed Mike a chance to make this happen. Ben sent over some top-of-the-line podcast gear to Mike and the first podcast recording ran in March entitled, “We Will All Dance Again.”

Since that time 28 programs have be created. Some archives but mostly live conversations using the latest technology of 2020 on the ZOOM platform. Mike was able to conduct interviews and collaborations that could only happen in a face to face element back in the day.

The DJ Idea Sharing Podcast announces and celebrates 1000 downloads with many more recordings planned for the future!! Thankyou for listening!

“Zoom changed the game and really allowed me the creativity and capability to do what I wanted. Without Steve doing production I didn’t think I could handle a podcast, but technology has given me a gift and I hope to give a gift back to my DJ friends and colleagues in the form of education, interesting conversations and entertainment, especially in a time where the DJ Industry is suffering so bad. It’s a lot of fun but mostly, it’s an honor to have this platform!”

Mike Fernino DJ Idea Sharing Founder