A conversation about direct to China manufacturers.

I want to make a post to help educate people who are throwing their hands in the air totally confused and upset. Please comment, please offer experiences but please do not get rude, profane or mocking. .

Here’s what you need to know: American and German companies create engineering and design of a light. Now, in order to manufacture that light they send all specifications to a Chinese company. This is done because the manufacturing process generally will be 10 times less versus if it was manufactured in the United States.  No one here wants to pay $800 for one typical up light. 

The Chinese company manufactures that light to all of the stringent specifications set forth by the American company. The American company oversees the manufacturing process to make sure nothing is compromised. Then, everything is shipped back into the United States clearing the ports with all the necessary paperwork. The American company also pays the necessary licensing fees and brings their product to market.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company steals intellectual property from that American company and copies the look and design that light. They use inferior materials cutting every possible corner to maximize their profit. The American company is going to sell their fixture at $350 however the Chinese company is going to sell it at $125. Unfortunately, it looks the same but it is not the same. Inside, safety can actually be compromised due to cheap material and bad workmanship and when dealing with lithium ion battery technology no one should ever compromise on safety. 

That Chinese company then promotes their lighting and DJs all over find out through social media groups like our very own DJ idea sharing.  They order the lights. They save a lot of money. Only problem, they might have to wait a long time for the order to come in, if it even does. Sometimes these imports will get confiscated at the United States ports if it is determined that they have superseded the royalty fees.  

If you are one of the lucky ones and get your order, now you have 40 lights of which maybe 35 will work. Good luck calling the Chinese company to complain. And then there is safety. I would never want to keep my rip off Chinese lighting in the same building where I sleep. A fire could result from an inferior design in conjunction with a lithium ion battery.  

So, at DJ Idea Sharing we have decided that a conversation which promotes DJs to go out and buy these lights would be bad and could ultimately end up hurting people. Those are the intentions we have, it’s not to censor, bully or tell people what they can and cannot do. I would advise extreme caution if you want to attempt ordering direct from China.