Mark with his latest class of MarBecca Method students

It was 1999 and I received word that some DJ from California was coming to Connecticut to speak about how DJs nationwide should be charging $1200 minimum for a wedding. I was earning a fair income at the time but really wanted to see what all the excitement was about. The event was put on by the Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association and held in Cromwell CT. Ironically, a future site for a Mobile Beat convention.

Anyway, I went in with a open mind but had heard rumors that this gentleman wasn’t even a real working DJ. Was he a salesman? Was he a con-artist? What was in it for him? With that I sat down with trepidation but listened intently. The presentation was 2+ hours of common sense logic delivered by a presenter so skilled and smooth he had to be a DJ. He made a analogy that was brilliant using a veggie platter as evidence that DJs were truly underpaid based on our level of importance and priority to a wedding. Well, that guy was Mr. Mark Ferrell. I was completely impressed but I left the event without introducing myself. Even though I knew our paths would eventually cross.

Fast forward about 7 years and I was in a progressive and exciting period of growth for DJ Idea Sharing. I heard some radio podcasts created by Mark’s group, DJA Radio and really wanted inclusion with his show lineup. We put together a demo and recorded several episodes, but unfortunately Mark closed the project down due to tremendous costs for his aggressive vision. Once again, the man really impressed me and inspired me. And I still had not even met him!

Fast forward several more years and I finally had the great pleasure to personally meet Mark and his fantastic wife Rebecca in Las Vegas at Mobile Beat. Not only was he a great speaker and presenter with amazing vision but he was also a genuine and passionate human being. Someone I wanted to get to know better.

I had been hearing about Mark’s new program dedicated to polishing DJs on Master of Ceremonies skill and presentation but wasn’t sure if I needed it or not? After all I had years and years of experience. But Rebecca convinced me that it would be a enlightening experience and worth the time investment.

So, with a plane ticket to Vegas I headed out to learn from the man I had watched stand on stage in 1999 and deliver a compelling plea of why DJs needed to take what we do serious and charge a livable wage. I bought in completely and hoped that he would prove to be everything I had built him up to be in my mind.

With all the sincerity I can muster up let me state that Mark and Rebecca’s MC Workshop was everything and so much beyond my expectations! The 2 day bronze level course was a great enhancement of my skills taking what I thought I knew and completely breaking it down into a new way of thought and approach. The Marbecca Method truly brings together your skills with your passion and allows you to progress to a different level Master of Ceremonies. Its a tremendous way of thinking and performing and I can say with confidence allowed me to bring extra polish to my performance.

The program is based on 3 levels. Bronze, Silver and Gold. There is also a 3 stage Love-Story workshop that takes story telling to another level. Classes are based mainly on the West Coast and run selectively throughout the year. More information on the MarBecca Workshops can be obtained by going to

I think back to that night when Mark came out to talk with our group and said that DJs all should charge a livable wage. All these years later Mark’s benchmark of $1200 has been achieved nationwide with a average in 2019 of $1272. It’s just disappointing that it took our industry 20 years to get here! I can see why Mark was able to command top dollar for his performances back in the 80’s and 90’s. He will show you why a smooth, polished, articulate and passionate MC can achieve and exceed a livable wage by simply being the best you can be.

As for me, I have yet to finish my training but I am hoping for a silver workshop in my future. Even after a 35 year career I never want to stop learning and progressing. Mark and Rebecca are that perfect solution to push you higher toward performance excellence!

“Here’s To Our Success!” – Mike