DJ David Braz Fernandes

Is good really the new great? More times than not these days people seem to accept average, standard and mediocre service in every aspect of life. Being in the entertainment field, we are not just about music. Part of our gig is presentation. DJs throw some gear on a table top and consider it acceptable just because wires are not exposed. Or, throw up a small 4 panel facade with no brand identity or decorative lighting and consider it good to go! It is important to be unique, stand out and be exceptional, not just standard. It matters and people do take notice. Additionally, I believe your clients notice!

Certainly, talent, skill and experience all matter and might be the most important element of your service. However, presentation and first impression also go a very long way. I have always viewed my set up as an extension of the room decor’. A facility manager will always find favorability in a DJ who is neat, stylish and appropriate to the overall look of the room. Not to mention dressed like a professional!

This is a photo from David Braz Fernandes . I thank him for letting me use his image. 

Look at this guy! To me, he is a shining example of exceptional presentation. He’s polished, neat, organized and professional. Well done David! 

I hope you all can see what I mean by aspire towards exceptionalism. We may not all agree on speakers, scrims, mixers, facade or no facade etc etc… but simply about going the extra mile and the image it portrays will set you apart from the majority who accept standard as their standard.  Be exceptional!

“To Our Success!” – Mike