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Author: Mike Fernino

The Sound Of Silence

I like to keep my blog articles positive and hopefully inspiring. But there may be no happy spin to put on the reality of how people act these days. I am referring to potential clients and the way they communicate. Or...

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Happy Wife – Happy Life

by…. Rob Thorp Gentlemen this is your day to shine! It is your day to earn some brownie points that will last a lifetime. This special day, this once in a lifetime event has been on your bride to be’s mind longer...

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Changing Lives * 1 DJ At A Time

Mark with his latest class of MarBecca Method students It was 1999 and I received word that some DJ from California was coming to Connecticut to speak about how DJs nationwide should be charging $1200 minimum for a wedding. I...

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No Experience? – No Problem

I wanted to address a situation that happens a lot here at DJ Idea Sharing. That would be DJs who take on a event that they have NO experience with. Then, come up to the group 2 weeks or less before their performance to ask...

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