Founded in 2013 by Mike Fernino and Ben Stowe the Lighting Symposium was the first intensive 2 day workshop designed to turn Djs who offered lighting into lighting designers and technicians. Along with Mike Doucot from Electro Voice, the symposium found a home in the academy room of EV world headquarters in Burnsville MN, just a short 15 minute ride from Minneapolis. Since 2013 we have produced 5 events ( 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 ) and helped elevate hundreds of our attendees to professional lighting designer status!

In 2017, Mike Doucot of Electro Voice started a Audio Symposium at the EV academy. It was independent of Lighting Symposium but was offered back to back in 2018. Now for 2020 the 2 events are combined into 1 BIG 4 day workshop offering un-matched education in the field of lighting and audio.

This is an overview of the symposium and what to expect:

If you are flying the airport of choice is MSP. Minneapolis / Saint Paul A major hub for Delta and a convenient 10 minute shuttle ride to the host hotel.

Sunday night, we kick things off with a gathering / networking cocktail party at the Host Hotel. ( Country Inn and Suites – Bloomington MN ) This is always a special time because it gives the attendees an opportunity to get to know each other and network. Solid friendships and alliances have been forged here. And the bar and food by TGI Fridays is not bad either.

The event begins Monday morning with a shuttle bus from the hotel over to EV’s academy in Burnsville. Just a short 15 minute trip. Badges are claimed and the after a welcome from our gracious host Michael Doucot of EV things are underway. The days usually run from 8:30am – 5:00pm with a lunch break at 12:00. Lunch is provided for our attendees by the symposium. Symposium Attendees are treated to a mixed bag of topic and presenters. There is even a separate demo room where our show sponsors keep displays and take the time to talk and answer questions about their products.

After a full day in classroom it’s popular to head over to the world famous Mall Of America, right across the street from the host hotel. It is a MUST visit of you have never been. However, many of our attendees can often be found in the breakfast lounge chatting and sharing information about lighting. Many of our presenters will even offer after hour bonus presentations. Clearly, the learning continues all day into the night.

The second day follows the same time format, but for Tuesday evening comes a real treat. It is our road trip into Minneapolis and the attendees are treated to a night out with dinner and drinks compliments of EV! In years past, we have had exclusive VIP access to world famous First Ave nightclub. The very place that Prince made famous in Purple Rain! As a group we all sit stage side, have dinner and enjoy the movie recorded on that very stage! Where 2020 leads us? Stay tuned……….

Wednesday begins the audio symposium with the engineers of EV leading the educational content. The same people designing the equipment teaching the classes. Students get beneficial hands-on class time experience learning everything from feedback elimination, to gain structure, RTA and phase cancellation.

Thursday offers one more day of audio before the final presentation and distribution of certificates. Its a ton of information and education provided over a span of just 4 days. Education and experience that change lives and improve others. Its been a huge honor to make a difference in our industry and have the opportunity to work with so many gifted individuals. And maybe even showing them a great time along the way!

The next Audio and Lighting Symposium is scheduled for April 20-23 2020!