For those of you who cater to weddings the most wonderful time of the year is just about here! Not Holiday season but Engagement season! The time between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day is when the majority of engagements happen and as a result January – March see the largest traffic to online sites. This is also why there are so many bridal shows during the winter months. Along with having nothing else to do.

Recently, The Knot and WeddingWire came up with a article called 5 ways to prepare for engagement season. I will list the author, Anja Winikka as my source of this information but I’m going to offer my own take on the 5 recommended ideas to prepare. In other words, I’m transposing this article over to benefit the working professional DJ as interpreted by a DJ. Here goes…….

  1. Review and update your photos: Take and look at your website, social media and print advertising. How old are the photos? Do your current photos properly reflect your current image? Sometimes we all need to refresh and updating photos can be the perfect way to accomplish that!
  2. Check your copy: It is a huge mistake to think that couples today don’t read anymore. The words you use say everything about you and your business! Go back and read your copy. How long ago did you make this copy and was it proof read by a professional? Engaging the services of a professional proof reader might make a world of difference. Also remember that you can speak volumes with less words. Tons and tons of words can often push away people from actually reading your copy. Make the words effective and impactful but not plentiful.
  3. Run analytics check: The off-season for weddings is the perfect time to review where your hits and action came from the previous season. Investigate what services are producing and which ones are not! For example, if the Knot charges $300 a month and you get only 10 unique visitors you are paying $30 a lead. Now factor how many of those leads were converted into a booking? Sometimes looking at analytics can be a eye opening experience. If you don’t know what is benefiting you the most it is hard to invest your money wisely.
  4. Look at your branding: The largest companies often refresh their brand every 5-10 years. Logo changes, colors and slogans all are part of a effective brand strategy! If you think talent alone is what gets you business you are missing the mark. Your brand is the first thing people are exposed to about you. Make it stand out but reflect the times. Also, make sure your colors, theme and branding is consistent in all of your media and marketing material. Consider hiring a professional designer to create your branding and not a do-it-yourself job!
  5. Get your social media ready to be social: We usually have some down time during the off-season. This is the time to sharpen up all of your social media. Write a years worth of blog articles and then pre-schedule them so they post consistently throughout the year. Create a file of images and videos to populate your social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. And run some paid campaigns to get more likes so when you promote it is seen by more viewers.

So, there you have 5 things to do in preparation for the newly engaged couples who all will be searching for the right professional providers to be the right fit for their wedding. Some times small changes and tweaks are all that is necessary. Just avoid complacency at all costs and take a hard look at your offerings. Even better, have others look at your offerings for you. A fresh set of eyes is always helpful to gain prospective! Best of luck and success this new season!