2020 was the nightmare we all dreamed about. A shutdown of private events, clubs and bar gigs. In the business of bringing people together for celebration it is hard to wrap your head around the idea of shutting down events and keeping people distant.

The mobile DJ industry was primed for a huge 2020 and by January things were looking to be record breaking for many with a strong economy and consumer confidence extremely high. Bridal shows were packed with newly engaged couples all looking to book their DJ.

From what I recall it seemed like the Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas was the line in the sand where we went from normal life to not-so-normal life. Many DJs were already in Vegas when they received the bad news that the show was being cancelled. Who would even dare imagine that every single show would end up cancelling for 2020! It’s still difficult to imagine!

So, I don’t need to recap the pain and suffering our entire industry has endured this past year, 2020. Not just DJs but photographers, videographers, venues, florists, limousine services etc etc…. have all suffered. It has been a crippling situation that none of us could escape. Especially for the full time DJ services who relied 100% on the private events industry!

So, now it’s over!!! 2020, this horrible. miserable, disastrous year is over!! But, is our suffering really over? The answer unfortunately is NO. BUT…. there is light finally at the end of the tunnel.

The vaccines offer a promise of hope and a return to normal life! But unless they are taken by a huge majority of Americans it’s just fluid. Here is something to consider. Many people are in fear of the vaccines thinking that they were developed too fast. In reality, they weren’t.

Look at the vaccine platform like a video game console. You can play different games on this gaming system, just change out the game for something different. Well, this platform called mRNA was started over 10 years ago for corona viruses and can be dialed in specifically for COVID-19.

The vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are built using a mRNA platform. They trigger immune response by the body to fight off the COVID-19 infection. In short, they trigger the response by teaching our cells to make a spike protein that brings about the immune response that produces antibodies. Essentially, the body is tricked to do so without the real COVID in the body. Now the body can recognize COVID-19 and will have the immune response to protect against it becoming disease.

So enough of the science, let’s talk timeline. With 2 different vaccines and the hope for a 3rd coming soon from AstraZeneca the beginning of vaccinations has already started. Most estimates for regular population to get their vaccine is spring. Late April is the consensus. With that in mind I have come up with the following timeline for our businesses to get back and making us income.

  • Spring: Events will be allowed outdoors in tents and even some events indoors with reduced capacity. Masks will still be worn and distance encouraged. (good luck with that)
  • Summer: I still think that outdoor events will be very popular but this might be the end for masks and I think we will finally start to make good money and see busy weekends for the first time in a long while. Most states should start to really relax their restrictions on indoor events
  • Fall: This will be the real return to normal and we will FINALLY be making a lot of money. AMEN! The only masks left in society will be worn by those who are the most vulnerable with disease of any kind. I think hand washing, masks and hygiene awareness will be a new norm.
  • Winter: Christmas and holiday parties should be epic and New Years Eve will be a grand celebration!

Now, there is no way for me to be certain about these predictions but I feel very strong that the vaccines will be effective and safe! And as there are more success stories the doubting public might change their minds. At least enough to get our country to 75%-80% so we can achieve a herd immunity.

Here’s to 2021! A new year, new start, new hope! Let’s all be hopeful and remain safe and healthy into the future. Our businesses can recover but your life and the lives of your loved ones are irreplaceable!