2020 may be a number that the DJ Industry never wants to hear again. It has been nothing short of a complete disaster. For some lucky folks who were part-time in the industry and had solid employment they had the ability to make it through this storm. But for those who are fully committed and full-time in the business it has been destructive and crippling for sure.

DJ Idea Sharing on Facebook has been a place where DJs came to share, communicate and immerse in industry banter. All the years I have been managing the group I have never seen so much bad news and depressed members. And watching so many of my colleagues declare they were closing up their businesses has been nothing short of heartbreaking.

That said, I want to put 2020 in the trashcan and look forward to 2021. I really believe that we are poised for a bounce back. Timing is critical but I believe 3/4 of the new year will be a success for our industry. Here’s my take on things…….

There have been great advancements with vaccines and therapeutics. Specifically, Pfizer has announced a vaccine with 90% effectivity. It should be ready by December for the most vulnerable in our society. January-February for front line responders and critical workers, and April for large scale distribution.

Withstanding the southern states most of the country ramps up to wedding and private party season in the spring. As I said previous, timing is critical to see if we will get a school dance and prom season? Or will we lose a second season with students missing out on their prom experience. 2020 has taught me not to ever make predictions. But I can speculate based on history. If the vaccine can hit the market according to the timing projections, with the weather warming up and people moving outside we should most certainly see declines in COVID infections after the winter of 20-21.

I do think it is a safe prediction to say most DJs will suffer through this winter but hopefully have another way to generate income. Depending on your state restrictions lockdowns should be coming to an end and there will be a relaxing of limitations. Spring weddings will probably continue the trend of outdoor events and should be like this past early fall where many events successfully were held in tents and outdoor pavilions. Keep in mind that masks will still be a norm for 2021. At least the first part of the year. Of course, even if a event begins with guests wearing masks it rarely ends that way. Vaccines won’t be a light switch so in order to turn this around people will still need to exercise many of the same safety measures from 2020.

Summer should see the vaccines in full distribution and with improvements in therapeutics deaths should be way down. I honestly feel quite confident that private events will be moving back inside with regularity. Masks will still be encouraged but I really feel that a weary society will reject wearing masks and embrace the summer as a return to normalcy. Even if science says we are not quite there yet. For most of us this might be the first real healthy income our businesses see in 1 1/2 years. And with all those postponements from 2020 things should be really ramping up.

Fall 2021 will be the real recovery. I feel strong about this and I pray for this. Not only is this the traditional peak season for weddings but people will be coming out from hiding and that should truly stimulate the private party market, school dances and all forms of celebrations! Heck, there might even be parties to celebrate life, just because.

For the hearty ones in our industry who have held on by our fingernails there should be a bountiful harvest to gorge on. Only the strong survive might be a true statement of nature but it is shockingly tragic for our industry.

Sadly, we got into this business to help people celebrate life and bring people together. The virus has driven people apart and paralyzed the private events industry. The greatest business to be a part of has suddenly become one of the worst.

I wish I could have composed this blog article with a very optimistic tone but I find that being realistic is the only way to proceed. After 2020 there is no doubt that we have to take progress one step at a time. 2020 was a free fall into a deep dark hole. 2021 represents a staircase to the light and we must understand it can’t be climbed by jumping over it. We must go one step at a time.

Health and safety be with us all.