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Month: April 2020

Industry Capitulation

This is not meant to be a inspirational article, nor is it meant to be a downer. This is not meant to lift you up, just as much as it’s not meant to knock you down. I’m just going to talk business 101 and give you...

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I May Have Already Had COVID-19

I have been hearing this statement more and more lately. Being there is a lack of proper testing in our country and the clear fact the United States was ill-prepared for this pandemic we can only speculate. I write this blog as...

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The Club Scene in a Pandemic

Maybe it is starting to sink in? What you see in the above photo may not happen for a while. I hope that is not the case. I also don’t claim to know a darn thing, nor am I an expert of any kind. But I do think if there is...

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