What is really going on with these 2 shows??? The real deal explained…….

With 2020 almost here its time for DJs looking to build and grow their business and performance to make some decisions and travel plans. Nothing can be more beneficial than attending a DJ convention and there are a few coming up quick!

To explain the 2 DJ shows which are coming up winter 2020 in Las Vegas let’s first discuss the Photo Booth Expo. Started just 6 years ago the Photo Booth Expo has become a HUGE event attracting over 4000 attendees from all around the world in 2019! The show is poised to top 5000 attendees this year alone and that has founder Rob Savickis in quite the good mood.

So good a mood in fact that he bought Mobile Beat from long time current owner, Ryan Burger. The ownership transfer will officially happen March 20, 2020. A day after the conclusion of the Mobile Beat 24 show, March 16-19, 2020 at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. However, Mobile Beat is NOT the only DJ show in town!

At the very same time as the Photo Booth Expo from February 23-27, 2020 at the SouthPoint Casino Hotel in Las Vegas John Young in coordination with Rob Savivkis and the Photo Booth Expo will present “Building Your Business in 2020”. A complete DJ Show within a show (PBExpo) which opens up the attendees to 2 different levels of education and exposure. And because many DJs are also photo booth operators this could be a great synergy!

One could debate that what you are about to see in the Building Your Business DJ show will actually be the trial run for the NEW Mobile Beat as both shows will be held together in 2021 and the Mobile Beat brand maintained by Photo Booth Expo. Plus, the show will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2021 so a very exiting time it will be. But, back to 2020 first.

Mobile Beat will soldier on for the final production by the Ryan Burger lead group and take place in March, as previously mentioned. Mr. Burger has pledged to go out with a bang and produce a fabulous event. One would not doubt him if you saw the line up of presenters and speakers. However, there is a incredible lineup at Building Your Business 2020 as well so it seems that which ever event you choose you probably will strike gold.

*** Factors to consider are vendor participation and attendee level. The Photo Booth Expo will have 4000-5000+ attendees along with DJ attendees. Additionally, the show floor is massive and totally packed on the photo booth end. There is potentially great representation at the DJ Show being that this is essentially the new Mobile Beat. Rumor has it that the March Mobile Beat 24 event has run into some difficulty attracting vendors for their show floor. Now, keep in mind that you should never go to a DJ convention for just the show floor but if that is a consideration keep in mind it may not be very large or well represented at Mobile Beat 24.

Of course, if you are nostalgic it may be worth attending the last Mobile Beat Show…… But wait!!! You might want to see the first ever NEW Mobile Beat show! Man, are you confused yet?? Just attend both! That’s the only way I can guarantee that you grab all the treasure.

So to recap, Building Your Business 2020 produced by John Young of Disc Jockey News will be February 24-27, 2020 at the South Point Las Vegas in conjunction with the Photo Booth Expo. Feb 23-27, 2020 (separate pass required).

Mobile Beat 24 Las Vegas will be March 16-19, 2020 at the Tropicana and will be the end of the Ryan Burger lead version of MB after he purchased the magazine from the original founders in 2006.

If anyone knows me they should know I am a big proponent of continuing education and self-improvement! I don’t want to try and push either event. What I do want to promote is attending a show and grow as a result!

See you in Vegas 2020!!