Before I begin this blog I want to disclose that I am a organizing member of the Photo Booth Expo. With that said it is my intention to be totally fair and balanced with this article and not choose a side. One or the other………….

For many years now Mobile Beat has been the Vegas DJ Show. It was challenged for a brief time by the Las Vegas DJ Show, presented by the ADJA but that ended after only a handful of years leaving Mobile Beat still standing.

First created by Mike Buonaccorso and Bob Lindquist the first ever Mobile Beat DJ Show opened up in Las Vegas back in 1997. DJ Times had just started their trade show in 1991 in Atlantic City so the whole DJ show thing was brand new! Right out of the gate the show was seminar focused and education based. It quickly grew as talented presenters like Mark Farrell, Randy Bartlett and Peter Merry all made dynamic presentations leaving the audience wanting lots more.

After a really exceptional run Michael & Bob decided it was time to sell the magazine and trade show so in 2006 Ryan Burger took over with hopes and dreams of even greater heights. The first show under new ownership took place at the brand new Southpoint Casino with headliner Chubby Checker making a monster sized impression!

A lot has changed over the years with the emergence of regional DJ shows, specialty workshops and lots of specialty conventions like Wedding MBA, LDI, Nightclub & Bar and The Photo Booth Expo. Who would think a photo booth convention could have any bearing on the DJ industry but little did we know what would happen?

Founded in 2014 by Rob Savickis the Photo Booth Expo grew like wild fire and began drawing thousands of attendees just after the first 3 years! After the 5th show there were over 4000 attendees and still growing! “Much of our success is because we are a international show” states Bob Lindquist who ironically is now a key organizer with Photo Booth Expo. Indeed, Photo Booth Expo is the largest trade show for the Photo Booth industry in the world!

So, here is where it all gets interesting! For 2020 John Young, who runs the Disc Jockey News will be producing a Full DJ show in conjunction with the Photo Booth Expo. Separate show, separate pass, same building. Same trade show floor. A DJ can now attend two shows and receive the benefits from both with the convenience of one destination! There is tremendous buzz about this show and it truly has the potential to become a major trade show destination for DJs.

Now, how does this tie in with Mobile Beat? Well, the two shows are only a few weeks a part! Photo Booth Expo and the DJNTV DJ Show will run February 24-27, 2020. Mobile Beat 24 will run March 16-19, 2020. Unless you are local to Vegas or in California most DJs would not fly back and forth to Vegas twice in 3 weeks. A choice needs to be made.

Some would argue this is further watering down a already watered down DJ show industry. I couldn’t argue that point. It’s not like DJ shows are breaking records unless you are looking for a bottom. So why are there 4000 attendees at a Photo Booth show and not a DJ show? That is a different topic for another time. What I will say is that the HUGE momentum of the Photo Booth Expo and superior list of presenters has the possibility to really make a BIG splash right out of the gate for the DJNTV DJ Show at Photo Booth Expo. Only time will tell who wins the battle of Vegas DJ Shows Part 2.

And now finally to answer the Question posed in the title. 2 DJ Shows in Vegas, what to do? ANSWER: Pick 1 and just attend! Sitting at home does nothing for you to improve your skills and grow as a professional. Attending shows does this for you. You have 2 great choices in Vegas. Just go and have fun!!!!!