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2021 * One Step At A Time

2020 may be a number that the DJ Industry never wants to hear again. It has been nothing short of a complete disaster. For some lucky folks who were part-time in the industry and had solid employment they had the ability to make...

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Live The DJ Culture

Frank Garcia from Mainline Pro Lighting and Sound has been around the game for quite some time. His store in the heart of New York City might have the doors closed for the pandemic now but soon enough they will reopen and...

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Industry Capitulation

This is not meant to be a inspirational article, nor is it meant to be a downer. This is not meant to lift you up, just as much as it’s not meant to knock you down. I’m just going to talk business 101 and give you...

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The Club Scene in a Pandemic

Maybe it is starting to sink in? What you see in the above photo may not happen for a while. I hope that is not the case. I also don’t claim to know a darn thing, nor am I an expert of any kind. But I do think if there is...

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